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Creamy lentil spin on a Louisiana classic!

Updated: Mar 22

I found myself wanting a taste of home, but I wanted to use what I had on hand. The previous day, I was teaching a cooking class on gumbo when someone asked if I had a vegetarian option for my gumbo. I started going over some ways they could make their gumbo vegetarian and vegan friendly and thought, maybe I should try this out as well. Well, I did make the gumbo, but I scoured my pantry for ingredients and came up with something equally great! This creamy Cajun lentil étouffée has all the basic makings of a étouffée, but it can be made vegan friendly with the use of vegetable stock! The creaminess of the lentils compliments the bold Cajun spices. It comes together easy in one pot, which makes for minimal cleanup, and that's something we all love! So gather your ingredients and let's cook this together!

You'll need just a few simple ingredients that you will probably already have in your fridge. You can most certainly keep out the tamari, but I find that it adds an extra layer of umami, which naturally occurs in the lentils. So you are not missing out on the hearty feeling and succulent mouth feel. So Let's Cook!

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